Mark Wahlberg takes sons to “Lone Survivor” premiere in New York

Mark Wahlberg and his boys Brendan, 4, and Michael, 6, posed on the red carpet at the premiere of his film Lone Survivor at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City on Tuesday (December 3).

The next day the actor appeared on Live With Kelly and Michael when he talked about going to Disneyland with an injury.

He said, “I hurt my neck in Hong Kong, it’s about six weeks that I’ve been nursing this neck. The first ride we went on was Pirates Of The Caribbean and I’m on it and then we smashed into the boat ahead of us. The guide was like, go on the Tea Cups, and I was like it’s not going to happen.”

He also admitted he doesn’t speak to his mom.

According to the Daily Mail when Kelly Ripa asked the 42-year-old actor if his mother made him wear a nice suit for his TV appearance he said glumly, ‘My mom’s not speaking to me right now’”.

He continued, “It’s been like that since day one.”

Ripa than offered the explanation, “It’s because you’re doing well. The mother always likes the one whose doing least well the most.”

He then meekly said, “Oh that’s it, I gotta do that.”

Wahlberg has five brothers, Donnie, Robert, Arthur, Paul and Jim; sisters Michele and Tracey; and three half siblings, Scott, Buddy and Donna.

The Fighter star and his brother Donnie are currently producing the reality TV series Wahlburgers – based on the family’s restaurant in the Boston area.