The Marvel Superhero Thor is Now a Woman?

If you are fan of the comic book, you must’ve followed the storyline very well. And in the story, Thor has some humility issues to work on so his Father Odin sent him to earth to learn it. His iconic weapon is of course the hammer. Well looks like there is some amazing twist happening to the story because Marvel creators decided to have this new character that was recently just revealed during one of the episodes of the TV show- The View.

So check this out, Marvel comic released the character and she is going to be blonde and worthy of the Uru Hammer. This is definitely going to be more interesting. We’re talking about not just the story but we are most certain that comic-con is not going to be the same again with this new rising character more so if they decided to make it into a movie. Do you have any bet or preference as to who would play that role? Well this is something to look forward to! It going to be more interesting to have a woman do such very masculine role. I mean, hammer! Need we say more? We wonder what else could this Thor Woman do. Hmmmm.

Well you all should stick around to find out more. We are going to be glued on the news about this as well to deliver you only the freshest updates. Trust that our UK celebrity gossip is always on time and right off the pan. So comic book fans, it’s time to hit the stand again!

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