“Matt Lapinskas is a Serial Love Rat”- Brianne Delcourt

Brianne Delcourt who is this famous Dancign On Ice Star just called her ex-lover Matt Lapinskas as a “serial love rat”. The said label on her ex is because she found out he recently cheated on her. The dancer has been so open about her relationship with Lapinkas to the press that she even mentioned the name of the woman he cheated on him for and that’s his co-actor Camilla Rowland. On her recent interview with The Sun last Sunday, she said, “Matt has totally betrayed me. He’s been nasty and he’s life, when all I’ve done for the last two years is try to help and protect him.” These are indeed some bitter remarks from this blonde dancing star.

She said that when she worked with him during the ITV reality contest, he made it clear to her that she’s no longer involved and in love with his co-star from EastEnders. Shona McGarty. She also said that she tried her best to resist the man but it’s just so hard when they have real chemistry. She also continued saying, “He pursued behind Shauna’s back. Lots of people warned me but I didn’t listen.” And according to reports, Lapinskas was seen spending nights with Rowland when Delcourt was out to visit with her family. But here’s another statement his publicist made with The Sun saying that he already broke up with Delcourt when he started dating Rowland but Brianne just wasn’t accepting that fact.

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