May To Meet Trump On Friday

British Prime Minister Theresa May said she will not be afraid to tell United States President Donald Trump if anything is unacceptable by her of him.

The two leaders will be meeting this Friday in the White House to discuss on trade, security and other issues along with importance of NATO. It is learned May will raise tough matters in the special relationship meet.

May is claimed to be the first foreign leaders to meet Trump after he took office on January 20.

Meanwhile, thousands of protesters took to street in the US as well as in England to demonstrate against the president’s views on gender and racial equality.

Talking to the media May said she is looking ahead to meet the president to build up strong relationships of past UK and US leaders.

On the statement of the president’s women’s issues she said, “I have already said that some of the comments Donald Trump has made in relation to women were unacceptable… Some of those he himself has apologised for.”

May is learned to be addressing Republican Party chiefs too a day ahead of the meeting and she could make a big statement about the role of women.

Last week May made a series of phone calls to European Union leaders including French Prime Minister Francois Hollande and Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel while preparing to initiate Article 50 for Brexit.

She said to both the countries United Kingdom would be leaving the single market of EU and controlling immigration was a red line for them.