McDonald’s Sticks Franchisees with 10 Million Pounds of Unsold Mighty Wings

Here’s a story that’s equal parts “ew” and “ugh,” and it starts with an enormous batch of chicken wings.

According to the Wall Street Journal, a failed fall promotion of McDonald’s new Mighty Wings has left franchisees with approximately 10 million pounds of leftover unsold chicken, which has since been sitting in frozen storage.

This is about 20 percent of McDonald’s original purchase of 50 million pounds, and an amount which franchisees attribute to the Mighty Wings’ steep cost of a dollar each, and their spiciness.

Now, eager to get rid of that excess inventory, Golden Arches HQ plans to offer yet another promotion sometime next year, which franchisees have to participate in or else pay the cost of the leftover birds.

All right, altogether now: Ew. Ugh.

Here’s an idea: why not toss a brioche bun ’round those bad boys, call them artisanal, and limit sales to two wings each.

Maybe that’ll do it. Or you know, you could just come up with a better solution that doesn’t make you guys seem like such huge a-holes.

H/T WSJ + PicThx McDonald’s

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