Mel B

Mel B Reunites With Mum Andrea Brown Splitting With Stephen Belafonte

Melanie “Mel B” Brown celebrated her 42nd birthday on Monday reuniting with her estranged mum Andrea Brown after several years.

Throughout nearly her 10-year marriage with Stephen Belafonte she had not talked with her mother as she didn’t approve the relationship.

Earlier this year in March the former Spice Girls singer split with her husband, producer and thereafter the reconnection of mum and daughter emerged.

Andrea tweeted on the day when Mel B filed for divorce that for the first time in about ten years she will sleep well knowing her daughter and grand children are safe and there will be no more abuse in their lives.

Mel B posted some photographs of her and mum on Instagram on Tuesday revealing the birthday celebration was together.

ON Tuesday night she also reunited with TV and attended the premiere of America’s Got Talent’s twelfth season.

In the shared photos Andrea is seen with Mel B and the three grand children – Phoenix, 18, Angel, 10, and Madison, 5. All the five are seen wearing floral patterned dresses as well as flower crowns.

Mel B also paid tribute in her post to her late father, Martin Brown.

Brown died this year in March following long battle with multiple myeloma cancer.

Mel B wrote in the post, “My eyes are closed but I see and feel you dad.”

Well, at last it seems the singer is trying to leave behind all the pains and mending her relationship once again with mother Andrea.