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Met office: Weekend and next week will be comparatively colder

Met office has warned the temperature would be colder in next few days as there is change in wind direction. North and east of England may get increased snow later this month with cold air moving in from the east. Brisk wind is also predicted.

Some of the areas may see drastic drop in temperatures, probably between 10 to 12 degrees by Monday.

The overnight temperatures in Scotland’s Glasgow and couple of other areas felt 10°C colder compared to that on Thursday night.

South of England too will face below average temperatures and next week will mostly be cloudy, possibly bringing showers.

At times the night frosts could become widespread over the weekend and outbreaks of rain as well as hill snow could be seen in many areas, particularly in the south. The next weekend too will have similar weather conditions. Towards the month-end snow may fall to lower levels, mainly in the north and east.

Met Office meteorologist Martin Young said, “After the mild conditions we’ve had so far this month, next week’s temperatures will feel noticeably colder by contrast.”

Young warned people living in County Durham and North Yorkshire as heavy snow could be experienced this winter.

December will remain cold and in most areas widespread rain showers could be seen, but there will be low risk of snow to low levels. The most affected will be north and east by hill snow in first week of December, added the Met Office.