Michael Jackson reduced to tears on child sex abuse claims: Podcast

Michael Jackson reduced to tears on child sex abuse claims: Podcast

In a new podcast from series titled Telephone Stories: The Trials of Michael Jackson reveals the pop star was reduced to tears when actor Marlon Brando confronted about sexual assault allegations in 1994 during a dinner visit to Neverland Ranch.

In the mid-1990s Michael Jackson was under investigation for child molestation allegations.

Marlon Brando earlier had recalled a conversation with the pop king while briefing to prosecutors. He said, “I had asked him if he was a virgin and he just sort of laughed and giggled.”

He added that the pop star seemed uncomfortable and embarrassed to answer the questions.

The iconic movie star further said that Micheal Jackson probably avoided to answer questions about his sex life because he was frightened to answer.

Marlon Brando died in 2004 and Michael Jackson in 2009.

Michael Jackson was investigated two times on child molestation charges. Once in 1994 and then he went uncharged. In 2005 he was acquitted on all counts.

HBO lately released a documentary on Michael Jackson titled Leaving Neverland. The upcoming podcast series by creator-producer Brandon Ogborn will further explore life and secuality of the King of Pop.

Earlier this month Michael Jackson’s former publicist Raymone Bain launched Michael Jackson Legacy Foundation to preserve and defend his name while supporting various organizations that he had supported in his life.

Raymone Bain said, “He may no longer he will be with but we’re hoping through the foundation he’ll continue to live through us.”