Microsoft Allows Evernote Notes Migration To OneOne For Windows Users

A beta version of OneNote has been released and Microsoft is now trying to lure users to migrate from Evernote to this new tool of note-taking service.

The migration is simple and requires installing of the tool first and then select the notebooks that one wishes to shift to OneNote.

According to reviews, about 1,200 Evernote notes were transferred to OneNote in just 15 minutes. However, it is found the new tool was unable to handle large media attachments.

It is not to forget the new tool has lot of room for improvement based on feedback from users. Microsoft will surely improve the service.

There’s a difference between the two tools. OneNote looks similar to a physical notebook with tabbed sanctions where as the Evernote can be contained in different notebooks.

Based on the differences, the migration is like a negotiating exercise as option comes to use Evernote tags as tabs in the new tool.

OneNote director of product management, Darren Austin, said straddling the difference may be difficult for Evernote users.

He added in the long term the tools should conform to the way one wants to work and this is the reason they have worked with the OneNote differently.

As of now the migration is only available for Windows users. However, once moved, the notes will be made available across all platforms and devices.

Have you tried migrating your notes from Evernote to OneNote? Do share your experiences and hardships with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.