Migos releases Chief Keef diss track ‘Jealousy’

This week brings us another Chief Keef-related beef. While tension still remains between he and Soulja Boy, Chief Keef has now become involved in a feud with Atlanta group Migos. The beef has traveled from social media to song, as Migos releases a diss track called ‘Jealousy.’

The track, produced by Murda, leaves no question about Migos’s intentions or target. Over a pensive instrumental, the duo fires shots like, “Ain’t never did a sneak diss / ‘Cause my hitmen quick to put you on that hitlist,” and, “I’m gettin’ that cheddar my life is so better, f— n—a mad ’cause I’m a trendsetter.”

The former line refers to a Chief Keef tweet that claims Migos had sneak dissed them in a song rumored to be ‘Brokanese.’ “Heard Migos sneak dissin No Talkin,” he says.

Offset of Migos was offended and responded with a deleted tweet saying, “Will b in Chiraq Next Week Pull Up @ChiefKeef,” insinuating that they meet up face-to-face. Chief Keef later followed the perceived threat with some violent, gun-related threats of his own. The Chicago rapper also Instagrammed a photo of an affiliate claiming Migos got robbed while in Memphis.

Of course, the new diss track may be counterproductive to ending the beef.

Migos will release ‘YRN 2′ in Jan. 2014.

Listen to Migos’ Chief Keef diss track ‘Jealousy’ right here!

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