Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Announces New Single ‘Inspired’ In Honor Of Pride Month

Miley Cyrus has come up with her new single titled ‘Inspired.’ It is the second song from her upcoming album and in honor of Pride Month.

‘Inspired’ is the same song that she debuted at the One Love Manchester benefit concert. It is a desperate cry for more love in the world. It is gentle and country-tinged vibe of ‘Malibu.’

The song is highly touchy and first few lines are as below:

Pull the handle on the door that opens up to change
I know that sounds so strange
‘Cause you’ve always felt so small, but know you aren’t at all
And I hope you feel inspired.

‘Inspired’ is a tribute the pop singer’s country-singer dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, even though earlier she had uncomfortable public differences.

Her dad once said to GQ Miley’s Hannah Montana fame has destroyed his family.

During her teen days Miley starred in the Disney Channel TV series Hannah Montana in 2006 as the character Miley Stewart. She also starred in the Hannah Montana: The Movie feature film.

The singer has sung on several charity singles throughout her career like Send It On, We Are the World 25 for Haiti, Everybody Hurts and Just Stand Up. She also visits hospitals to see sick fans.

This year, an estimation says the singer’s net worth is about $200. From her concerts she earned $201 and $76 million from endorsements.

In 2015 PETA named her as the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity.

Miley is supporter of LGBT community too.