Miley Cyrus and Her New Boyfriend?

Here’s a recent celeb gossip for you in the life of Miley Cyrus, rumor has it that she is out there dating again. Okay so she just got out of the engagement from Liam Hemsworth and now there are words that she’s already moved on and having fun with a new boy toy. And not only that, rumor has it that their relationship has already been going on for almost a year therefore assuming the calculations are right; she’s been seeing this guy even when she was still engaged with Hemsworth! We could act like we are shocked but right now, nothing she can do really could shock us anymore.

So who is this mystery guy you ask? Well it’s none other than music producer Mike Will Made It. Miley hasn’t released anything with the press yet but the buzz is already out there. Her mom Tish Cyrus was even reported to be rooting for her new dude. Mike Will Made It has been working with Miley in her new album. He produced almost all the tracks there including We Can’t Stop. He has been always present in every big event that is happening in Miley’s life. You will also notice he is pretty much always there on Miley’s Instagram.

Although her dad Billy Ray Cyrus wants her to date a country singer, it’s still Miley’s decision that will still prevail in the end. Are you in favor of her rumored new boyfriend? We want to know your thoughts about it. Well clearly, there’s no stopping this Bangerz singer. We wish you luck Miley.

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