Miley Cyrus Will Steal The Show At Today’s MTV Video Music Awards

Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift are not the lead attractions at today’s 2015 MTV Video Music Awards show going to kick off in few hours from now. All eyes are on the wildcard host Miley Cyrus.

The former Disney Channel star performed first time for the MTV VMA in 2013 and since then she is having a long-standing relationship with the network. She had then made the most of her raunchy side on the platform.

Even MTV has harnessed her after the performance. This year she has been promoting the VMA with her all-odd things. She is seen in spacesuit dress and swinging on a wire, wearing dolphin and pizza pasties to cover her breasts and more.

Amy Doyle, executive producer of VMA, said the 22-year-old is an amazing character in pop culture with lots of personality.

Apart from being the platform that honors achievements in music videos, the MTV VMA is also well known for all the unexpected and outrageous moments. It is the place where artists look ahead to make a splash. In 2011 Beyonce revealed her baby bump and 2010 Lady Gaga performed wearing a dress made of raw meat. There are more such moments to recollect.

Taylor Swift won the award for best female video in 2009, but rapper Kanye West snatched microphone from her and said Beyonce has one best video of all time. Today too something odd going to take place, surely.

This year Swift is leading in nominations quantity. She has been nominated in five categories.