Miley’s not so Hanna, again. #FreeTheNipple

American singer, actress and song writer Destiny Hope Cyrus or also known by her stage and famous name Miley Cyrus arrived at the Alexander Wang New York Fashion Week after party in Brooklyn wearing just an ice cream cone pasties and covered in glitters. The Hanna Montana star turned into rebel, wowwed the papparazi once again when she arrived at the New York Fashion Week after party last night (September 7,2014). Some netizens been bashing her again on Twitter using the hashtag -#freethenippleMiley #freethenipple

Yesterday, New York was really really hot and literally hot at the same time. But since fashion people won’t be held back by a thing like the weather, guests at the party graced the show in fall regalia looking sweaty, but at the same time with gorgeousness and style. Except for Miley Cyrus who showed up with her rebellious style. She also paired her ice cream pasties glitter with cat eye sunglasses covered with pill capsules and marijuana leaf earrings.

At the recent VMA last August 24,2014, critics and some celebrities gave respect to what Miley did in accepting her award by letting a homeless man came up in stage to get her trophy. People thought it was the start of the come back of the Hanna Montana star, but once again she made a rebel scene last night and made everyone disappointed again.

But her fans never assumed anything bad of what Miley’s behavior at the party last night: That’s Miley, we will love her and we won’t stop loving her- Smilers (Miley Cyrus’s fans name)