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Model Walks Dressed In Skirt, Top In Saudi Arabia Village; Arrest Warrant Issued

A model named Khulood walked in a skirt and black top through a small town in Saudi Arabia in defiance of the strict dress laws in the country.

An arrest warrant has been issued against her for violating the law touring heritage village of Ushaiqer.

In Saudi Arabia wearing skirt is not allowed. Women and grown up girls need to cover up from head to tow when out of their house. They need to wear loose-fitting conservative clothes like a full-length cloak which is called as abaya.

The actions of Khulood have sparked outrage and activists have called for her arrest.

One of the Twitter users wrote those who is not able to respect the rules of Saudi Arabia should not live in the country.

One another user tweeted the model seems like provoking others and she has gone against the social rules and norms of the country. She should be punished for the act.

Several other Twitter users however have come up in support of the model and hailed Khulood for challenging the strict dress code of the Kingdom.

A man wrote of the social platform, “She’s freely walking around Ashaiqer, regardless of all the backlash, it’s still a beautiful idea.”

One another user questioned whey the outrage only for a woman not wearing an abaya while there are other catastrophes in the world.

Meanwhile, the Saudi Arabia religious police has issued a statement writing reports have been received and they are working with the relevant authorities.

The religious police is called as the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice.