Mo’Nique joins cast of ‘Blackbird’ film

NEW YORK, Jan. 6 (Entertainment Magazine) — Oscar-winning actress Mo’Nique has joined the cast of director Patrik Ian Polk’s “Blackbird,” which is shooting on location in Mississippi, producers announced.

Mo’Nique and her husband Sidney Hicks are also executive producing the big-screen adaptation of Larry Duplechan’s coming-of-age novel. The drama co-stars Isaiah Washington and newcomer Julian Walker.

“‘Blackbird’ is a film about the choices people are forced to make as they struggle to figure out how to be themselves. And why should just being who you are be a struggle?” Hicks said in a statement Monday.

“Since Mo’Nique won the Oscar, we have received numerous scripts, but nothing captured our attention until Isaiah, who we have a high level of respect for, sent us ‘Blackbird.’ We became instant fans of Patrik Ian Polk and knew we had to get behind this important film.”

“When we wrote the role of Claire Rousseau, we dreamed of attracting an A-list actress. So, to actually get an Oscar winner of Mo’Nique’s caliber was literally a dream come true. And she’s quite simply amazing in the role,” Polk said.

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