Monumental Mural In San Leandro Celebrates Heritage With Environmental Awareness

SAN FRANCISCO, May 29, 2014 /Emag.co.uk/ — Traditionally murals have the distinguishing characteristic of harmoniously incorporating the architectural elements of the space, as well as the social environment into its concept and design.  The recently completed 360’x 60′ mural, painted on the new Preferred Freezer Services warehouse at 400 Polar Way, does this with a noteworthy quality, and a bright and colorful flare.

Creation of the hand painted mural is a collaboration between George Mead/Wet Studios and Les Seymour/Mural Arts Studio. Local artist Mike Alvarez of San Leandro assisted in the mural production and contributed his technique to the lower portion of the mural.

The ‘Pulse of Nature’ mural is one of the largest “illustrated” murals in the western United States. Wet Studios and Mural Arts have a long history designing and producing murals locally and worldwide.

Wet Studios, located in San Francisco, has a successful history in designing and producing murals and large-scale works of art for the entertainment industry nationally and internationally. George states, “Public art humanizes urban environments and creates a legacy and reflection of that community’s culture. This mural offers a visual homage to the city’s rich heritage with agriculture, and produce, and as well speaks to the importance of environmental awareness with honoring this history.”  

Les and Brenda Cole Seymour from Mural Arts have created murals for numerous corporate and private clients and stand alone with offering the quality of old world craftsmanship that has rewarded them with many national and international projects. Brenda Cole Seymour of Mural Arts says, “Only through true collaboration can such an amazing mural be made.”

Cynthia Battenberg, The Community Development Director, who required public art as a condition of the project states, “We are thrilled that Preferred Freezer took the time to study San Leandro’s rich history and create a mural that represents the City.  The colorful and attractive mural, which will be seen by thousands of people each day, represents the City’s commitment to bringing beauty and art to San Leandro.

Importantly, both The San Leandro City Council and Preferred Freezer Services have acknowledged the need for public art as a way to support community pride and the need for a positive and uplifting representation of the city’s particular culture.

Gail Hannagan, the Marketing Manager from Preferred Freezer Services, responsible for implementing the project says, “We’re delighted to be involved in a community project of this magnitude. The mural is a stunning representation of the great City of San Leandro.”

The mural, painted on the east wall of the new cold storage facility celebrates San Leandro’s rich agricultural heritage and its founding by Portuguese immigrants, the majority of whom moved to the area from The Azores during the Gold Rush. As well, in keeping with Preferred Freezers Services support for ‘green’ practices and sustainability, the mural design promotes environmental awareness.

Interestingly this new facility will carry forward the tradition of support for the city’s agricultural and fishery heritage in providing cold storage for much of the produce and fish harvested in California and overseas before it is shipped to local and national markets.

The mural will be visible from multiple viewpoints in the area but most notably from BART, on elevated tracks as it passes within 100′ of the mural, parallel to the elaborate and colorful creation just south of the San Leandro Station. As an interesting note, the horizon line from the BART rider’s view will be incorporated and continued onto the murals design.

For information concerning the project, please contact Doris Jean Brown at Wet Studios, 415 786-8226.

SOURCE George Mead/Wet Studios

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