More People In 30s, 40s With Children Leaving London

More people are lately leaving London to find a new life in other places of United Kingdom. A data reveals during the year to June 2017 at least 330,000 people migrated and the biggest exodus was Newham.

In 2016 the capital city was fastest-growing English region, but in about a year thereafter the growth rate was reduced by fifty percent. People in their 30s and 40, having children, have started leaving London, shows reports from Office for National Statistics (ONS).

According to estate agents the trend of packing up and leaving London has reached a record level as employment opportunities have increased outside London and people are more confident to move away from the city.

The top destinations where people are finding new homes are Birmingham, Bristol, Brighton, Thurrock in Essex, Epping Forest, Dartford in Kent and border of north-east London.

A day before report from Resolution Foundation thinktank revealed the primary reason for exodus is expensive property prices in the city.

Last year, on June 30, the population in UK was 66,040,229, which was an increase of 392,000 since mid-2016. This reveals lowest annual growth since 2004.

ONS head of population estimates Neil Park said, “The effect is most pronounced in London and other areas that have seen high levels of immigration in recent years.”

The large outflow was from the east London borough and Newham. Similar trend was also seen in other parts of UK like Redbridge, Haringey, Ealing and Brent.

It is believed post-Brexit more outflow could be seen from the capital and other parts of UK.