Most expensive private schools UK

Most expensive private schools UK

Features of studying at expensive private schools in UK

The British education system seems confusing: different types of schools, different entry ages, types of testing. The UK has the most developed private education system in the world with the largest number of successful and prestigious schools, some of which are over 500 years old.

Most expensive private schools in UK are free to compose their own teaching programs. Admission is made on the basis of passing tests and is very competitive. Among these there are the most prestigious and expensive private schools.

About 7-8% of British children study in the private system, about 18% in the Six Form. British schools have 30,000 international students.

The main difference between most expensive private schools and public ones is the smaller number of students in the classroom (30 in the public and about 20 in the private), greater volume of individual teacher attention, good equipment and a huge range of extracurricular disciplines and sports.

Tuition fees at expensive private schools in UK

Private schools cost between £ 15,000 and £ 24,000 per year for day school and £ 26,000- £ 40,000 for full board, respectively £ 105,000- £ 280,000 for 7 years of high school. Tuition fees do not include additional circles, uniforms, equipment, trips and excursions (another 4-8%).

Advantages of studying at expensive private schools in UK

Due to smaller classes and academic selection on admission, the results of final examinations in private schools are better than in public ones. In public schools, on average across the country, 26% of students receive A and A * in exams, in private – an average of 48%. This, of course, affects the admission statistics for the best universities.

Some private schools provide dedicated, stand-alone preparation for Oxford and Cambridge and prestigious medical schools, and are increasingly using United States university admissions experts. These differences are not measured by academic performance.

If you look at the catalog “Who is Who in the Public Life of the Country”, you can see that 45% of the personalities are graduates of private schools. Education is not only about exam results. This is well expressed on the Harrow School website: “The school prepares for a life of learning, leadership, country service, and personal fulfillment.”

What do the most expensive schools in the world have in common?

  • they have an excellent infrastructure for study, creativity, sports and a comfortable life: educational buildings, libraries, laboratories, studios, stadiums, residences;
  • they use the latest technical equipment and teaching materials, effective teaching methods;
  • they offer balanced educational programs;
  • they show excellent academic results;
  • they guarantee the safety and care of children;
  • they instill a love of knowledge and a desire for self-improvement;
  • they value the personality of each student, respect their ambitions and help to unleash their potential;
  • they help personal growth by paying attention to spiritual values ​​and physical development;
  • the future world elite, children from prominent families, study there;

One of the most expensive private schools un UK – Harrow School

Harrow School for Boys was founded in 1572 under the patronage of Queen Elizabeth. Many politicians and famous people graduated from Harrow School, of which 7 are British prime ministers, including Winston Churchill, as well as King Hussein of Jordan, George Gordon Byron and many others.

805 boys study at Harrow School, all students live in full board in the school’s hostel. 22% of students are foreigners. Harrow School graduates enter the best universities in Great Britain (Oxford, Cambridge, etc.). Approximately 10 Harrow alumni are admitted to US universities every year.

Harrow School has 13 dormitories in total. 70% of students are accommodated in single rooms, and the rest live in double rooms.

There are two traditional sports at Harrow School. One of them is “Harrow” football, which is played with a special leather ball. The sports game is reminiscent of rugby and football at the same time. During the game, injuries often occur, and the players’ equipment gets dirty and torn at the end of the match. Typically, fierce confrontation in Harrow football takes place between dorms, as no other school has the sport. Sometimes alumni come to the school to play with the team of students at Harrow School. The annual Harrow vs. Eaton cricket match is the school’s second tradition. Venue – Lord’s Cricket Ground, London. A cricket match has been organized since 1805. In addition to these two original sports, students can practice rugby, swimming, squash, football, tennis, horse riding, rock climbing, basketball, badminton, karate, archery, judo, skiing, etc.