Are Movie Remakes Better Than the OriginalAre Movie Remakes Better Than the Original

Are Movie Remakes Better Than the Original?

When a movie becomes a smashing success in theatres, it has become almost inevitable that the success will try to be re-done at some point in the form of a movie remake.  Obviously, Hollywood has seen some success with the idea of remaking a popular film as the concept has not slowed down in recent years.  The below list highlights some of the more popular movie remakes and determines if the remake was better than the original.

Are Movie Remakes Better Than the Original1

  1. The Parent Trap – This movie was released in 1961 and then remade and released again in 1998. Both versions feature one actor who plays both siblings in a set of twins.  The 1961 version stars Hayley Mills as twins Susan Evers and Sharon McKendrick.  The 1998 version stars Lindsay Lohan who played twins by the names of Hallie Parker and Annie James.  According to the ratings, the original 1961 version was slightly better than the 1998 remake, though not by much. 
  2. Ocean’s Eleven – This movie was originally from 1960 and remade in 2001. The movie about a planned heist of three Vegas casinos definitely gained popularity after the 2001 release of the remake. This is possibly due to the increased interest in gambling overall in America and the excitement of playing at some of the best online casinos.  The movie became so popular in fact, that there were two sequels created and another all-female sequel planned for 2018.
  3. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory – This movie from 2005 was remade from the film Willy Wonka &The Chocolate Factory from 1971. The 1971 film was based on a book written by Roald Dahl.  Willy Wonka was played by Johnny Depp in 2005 and by Gene Wilder in 1971 who publicly made it known that he did not approve of nor care for the remake of the film.  His opinions must have carried over to the ratings, as the 1971 version was rated higher than the remake.

Evidently, it seems as though opinions are mixed as to whether the movie remakes are better than the original.  Since the originals are usually based on blockbuster hits, the pressure is high to produce a quality film, from the directing through to the acting.  In the end, it seems like it comes down to the individual film and the effort made to ensure it lives up to the original.