NASA Confirms Water Found On Mars

Now it is official that water has been found on Mars. NASA has confirmed it saying salty water pour down the slopes of canyon and crater walls, but it appears and again disappears with the seasons.

Water on red planet is one of the greatest and also important findings by the space agency as it will be of great help to humans exploring Mars. It will be used for quenching thirst of astronauts as well as like a raw material for rocket fuel. Beyond these, the water is key to make the place liveable.

The dark streaks formed are indirect evidence to water. It is said the water there is salty and also is capable of soaking up atmosphere moisture and become a briny solution.

The water amount is believed to be modest, but to make such streaks at least the size of 40 Olympic swimming pools are required. However, these much quantity of water may be dispersed over a wide area.

The dark streaks first came to notice in 2010 and since then researchers have been questioning themselves as it appears only during summer season on the planet.

Discovery team member Mary Beth Wilhelm from NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California, said getting to the root of the mysteries may be possible soon as now they know what to look for and the method of searching will be better.

The interesting part will be when man lands on Mars in near future and look for signs of life there.