NASA Scientists Discover Three Earth-Like Planets

A new solar system has been discovered. NASA scientists say the planets in it are of the size of Earth and those could support life.

A total of seven planets have been found and three of those sit within the temperature zone and could allow alien life to flourish.

Scientists also add the three planets may have ocean and this could strongly make us believe life could flourish on them.

Until now the NASA researchers have never found such planets outside of our solar system to have rocky surface that is thought to be well required for the aliens to live.

According to British astronomer Dr Chris Copperwheat from Liverpool John Moores University, the NASA scientists may could soon be able to find evidence of life on those.

Dr Copperwheat said, “The discovery of multiple rocky planets with surface temperatures which allow for liquid water make this amazing system an exciting future target in the serach for life.”

The researchers added evidence of life is strong on the newly discovered planets and first they would look for what molecules are there in the atmosphere.

If it is found the atmosphere above the planet has oxygen and other things in right amount, it would indicate biological activity was here.

Co-researcher Dr Amaury Triaud of the Institute of Astronomy in Cambridge said it is hoped they may discover life there.

The star around which the planets are revolving is relatively young. It is named TRAPPIST-1 and burns hydrogen very slowly. It is believed to live for another 10 trillion years.