NASA’s Biggest Mars Announcement Coming Shortly. Water Discovered?

NASA probably has an answer to “the Mars mystery.” Later today the space agency will be unveiling a scientific breakthrough. Just three days ago it tweeted a major scientific finding had been made. It also added that the Mars mystery has been solved.

For more than a century one of the biggest mysteries is searching for life on the red planet.

The tweet of NASA has ignited speculation about the mystery by space fans. Some are talking about references to aliens and some about the new movie The Martian starring Hollywood actor Matt Damon.

If believed to the members of scientific community, the space agency may have discovered free-flowing water. Some say NASA may also announce about rocket fuel.

For decades scientists have claimed water is available in Mars, be it in any form. It is said most of the water is trapped underneath the surface and that is inaccessible to human explorers.

However, the potential announcement today is going to be very big and chances for microbial life of Mars are more. If such life exists, there may be possibilities of something unexpected to exist. This may be game changer and it may also change the whole scientific landscape about Mars.

The press conference of NASA will be held at its Washington, D.C. headquarters. NASA director of planetary science Jim Green and lead scientist for the Mars Exploration Program Michael Meyer will be briefing the media.

Stay tuned. Details of the announcement will be covered here too.