National Lottery

National Lottery Website Down Ahead Of Big EuroMillions

Tonight is the big EuroMillions draw but just ahead of it the National Lottery players have found the website not working.

Twitter has been flooded with frustrations from users of the National Lottery as the website is down and it is experiencing server issues.

A tweet writes that the website has been crashed and the message being displayed is “Please try again – We’re really busy at the moment.”

Down Detector, an independent website, confirms they have started getting reports of site being down from 5 p.m. onward from National Lottery players.

About half of the complaints said the website has issues while 40 percent people had problems purchasing a ticket.

People have also suggested the National Lottery through Twitter to update the server.

One of them wrote, “Once again I’m in a hurry and guess who can’t cope with their online demand? #NationalLottery. Try later?? I’ll try another game change!”

One another National Lottery player tweeted, “Website is a joke… filled in slip for tonight 7 times and just returns to a blank slip & signs me out.”

Meanwhile, the official National Lottery Twitter account responded to the complaints on the social platform saying the service at local retailer has not been affected and hence players are requested to visit one nearby outlet.

On Tuesday too the website was down and Down Detector reported the server had issues from around 7 p.m. that day.

Visitors to the website were returned with a message as “This site can’t be reached, the connection was reset.”