swine flu infection

Natural ways to prevent Swine Flu infection

Optimize Vitamin D Levels

This may be your frontline natural defense against all disease, not just the flu. Studies have shown that vitamin D has been well documented to increase the production of over 200 antimicrobial peptides that fight infection. It is suggested that the best way to get vitamin D is to bask in healthy amounts of sunshine, around ten to 15 minutes per day without sunscreen with at least 40 percent of your skin exposed.

Of course, this level of sun exposure can be difficult to achieve in the cooler months of the year when most people spend much of their time indoors and flu season tends to thrive. For this reason, vitamin D supplementation is usually necessary to achieve proper blood serum vitamin D levels.

It is recommended that adults age 18 to 30 and pregnant women take a supplement of 5000 IU per day; children age five to 10 should get 2500 IU per day, and children under age five should get 35 IU per pound per day. However, it is warned that the only way to know exactly how much vitamin D you need is to have a blood test to determine what your blood levels are. Have your physician administer a calcidiol test (also known as a 25-hyrdoxyvitamin D test). Optimal vitamin D blood levels are 50 ng/mL‚ according to the Vitamin D Council of Canada. Healthy level is 60 ng/mL.

Other Suggestions to Fortify the Immune System

Avoid Sugar: Sugar suppresses your immune system almost immediately, leaving you open to attacks from viruses and bacteria.

Get Enough Rest: If you are overly fatigued it will be harder for your body to fight the flu.

Reduce Stress: When stress becomes overwhelming your body is less able to fight off the swine flu and other illnesses.

Exercise: Exercising increases your circulation and blood flow, allowing the components of your immune system to be better circulated and fight illness before it spreads.

Take an Animal-Based Omega-3 Supplement: Increase your intake of health essential oils to maintain good health.

Wash Hands and Keep Surfaces Clean to Prevent the Spread of Swine Flu: Prevent swine flu infection by washing hands often and using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when washing facilities are not available; this will decrease the likelihood of spreading the virus to your nose, mouth, eyes, or people. Keep common surfaces such as counters, doorknobs and handles disinfected.