Necklace suggestions for spring

Scoop neck tops, tank tops and bandeau tops will present an expanse of skin that can be used as a blank canvas. Regardless of the over the top nature of the surface design of the fabric, there is more flexibility as to the neck jewelry worn as it will not be in direct competition for attention with the garment itself.

Wondering how to best fill in your blank canvas?

  • Precious Metal Chains – Co-ordinate the precious metal with the garment’s dominate color. For example, if the dominant color were cool, such as green, blue or violet, sterling silver would be the best co-ordinating choice. The warm colors such as red, orange and yellow would look best with karated gold or gold-filled bracelets.
  • Looped Pearl Necklaces would also be a fantastic choice. For example, an opera-length pearl necklace doubled up at the neckline creates an elegant profile that will co-ordinate with just about any color garment.
  • Lariat Necklace – Create a line drawing on your blank canvas. A simple precious metal lariat necklace set with pearls or semi-precious gemstones will fill in the neckline quite nicely.

Spring’s Mock Turtlenecks

Tops and dresses sitting high at the base of the neck, Spring’s mock turtlenecks, are also being shown. A fantastic choice for this neck profile is a choker that lies directly at the top of the garment almost as if it were a part of the garment.

  • Double duty choice – Select a pearl or gemstone choker with an interesting clasp. Based upon the surface design of the garment, the choker could be worn with the clasp in front as a sort of pendant.
  • Skip the necklace – If it is difficult to find the perfect choker that sits directly at the top of the garment – go with dangling earrings instead.

Boat neck tops

It can be dicey to combine necklaces with boat-neck tops, as chains or necklaces can be constantly dropping inside the rather large opening on this type of top. A better bet would be to go with a jewelry choice of bracelets or earrings.