New Movie from Brad Pitt and Shia Labeaouf!

It’s been quite a while since we have seen Shia Labeaouf in the silver screen after doing Transformers. And if you are a huge fan of the matinee idol, you would be glad to know that he is back and this time with Brad Pitt to add on his resume of high profile films done. The movie that this two superstars will be on is called Fury and just today, the trailer was released. The movie is about the soldiers back in World War II and their lives during the war. The trailer has shown the realistic view of the event and the horror that the American troops had to go through during those times. The trailer alone has already showcased the acting skills of Shia and Brad so it’s definitely a must-see. The movie will without a doubt become a hit aside from the fact the two will star on it.

Michael Peña, Scott Eastwood, Jon Berthal and Logan Lerman are also in the movie which makes it all the more a must film to see. If you want to dig deep into history and you want to gain some words of wisdom from the character of Brad Pitt, then you shouldn’t miss out on this one. Critics are already saying that they have a great feeling about this war film that’s it going to be good plus was there ever a movie that Brad Pitt made that disappointed the crowd? So far, we don’t have a record for that. The movie opens on October 2014 so watch out for that. This is one latest celeb gossip news that you fans of Pitt and Labeaouf are dying to know about. And it’s definitely a good news that Shia is back on the scene!