New Music From David Bowie

Hold your horses all ye David Bowie fans because he’s out to come back with a new album! He said that he will release more music soon but refused to give a date about the matter just yet. He made this announcement in his usual casual self during a charity event at the 12 Bar in London. The charity was said to raise funds for the Terrence Higgins Trust. It’s also the same event where they celebrated his 50 years of being a rock icon in the music scene.

Some people assumed that he has already successfully came back with his release of The Next Day single last year. Well what could you expect? He already had grammy nominations with that! The music video for that song is absolutely star studded so it has been quite a talk of the town. His eccentricity has made him such an icon up to this day. He also said that his upcoming album is paying tribute to the chairman of Columbia who is Rob Stringer. He made this post via his Facebook.

So if you think that Bowie has retired? Well think again. Looks like we see a tour even coming soon with the release of his new materials. More music video definitely will be awaited by fans and we are definitely looking forward for more developments on the matter. I mean, it’s David Bowie after all! And for more celebs gossip especially in music, we got that all covered for you! You know better to stick around with us.

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