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New-Old Design British Passports to Start Rolling Late Next Year

One step towards Brexit has been solved. The blue passports for British people will be rolled out late next year with new-old design, replacing burgundy cover that existed since 1980s.

After the exit of United Kingdom from European Union in March no insignia of the EU would be seen any more. The Home Office announced blue passports will be back in circulation.

However, the notice adds renewal requested between 2019 and early 2020 will either be issued a blue passport or burgundy.

Earlier it was said British people would not be allowed to travel to EU countries if UK leaves the bloc without a deal, but lately it is learned no such minimum or maximum amount of time left has been mentioned before the expiry of the passports.

Most of the EU countries have signed Schengen Agreement to allow pass-free travel and so Britons can enter other countries in the bloc with a valid passport, but complying to different rules as the travelers would thereafter be considered as third country nationals.

The rule requires having a passport issued in the last ten years and should have more than three months validity.

The official notice reads, “If you plan to travel to the schengen area after 29 March 2019 to avoid any possibility of your adult British passport not complying with the schengen Border code we suggest that you check the issue date and make sure your passport is no older than 9 years and 6 months on the day of travel.”