Nicki Minaj and Her Intriguing Cover Photo for Anaconda

Last July 24, Nicki Minaj released a cover photo of her new single Anaconda and it definitely is a controversial one. Why? Well, pretty much wearing a thong that really sees her entire butt would certainly be the talk of the town. We have to say that she can definitely flaunt what she got. There is no shame there when you got a nice booty like Nicki! The people in Twitterverse all of a sudden made it a trending topic and a lot of people made fun of her pictures. Seriously people, what’s with the hating?

Anyway, as always her loyal fans are always there to back her up. She also made a point where white women pose like that on covers of Sports Illustrated magazine saying the society accepts that yet her pose is not acceptable. And as usual, the online world could be brutal in making fun of her cover photo that some people actually incorporated it to famous artworks. Here are some of them that are scattered online. Thanks to Tumblr and Complex magazine for these by the way.




These are just amongst the celebrity photos UK you all should be aware of. Do you think her photo is that repulsive? We think she’s just trying to send a good message here or at least make a good point. But what about you?



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