Nicki Minaj and Her Wardrobe Malfunction At the VMA

This year’s VMA started with the song Bang Bang which is a performance done by Jessie J, Arianna Grande and Nicki Minaj. The headliner on this one is actually Nicki having a wardrobe malfunction whilst performing the song with the two other pop stars. This was also witnessed at Inglewood, California where the event took place. Nicki also did an amazing eye-catching performance of her new single Anaconda where she showed a lot of her butt-shaking moves. Looks like Miley Cyrus’ is not the Queen of twerking after all. Although for this particular performance, her sequined outfit was definitely a show-stealer.

It was after that outfit-change that it turned into a nightmare for the singer. So when it happened, she actually had to hold her dress whilst singing with her co-singers so it won’t completely reveal her chest. Apparently she and her glam team ran out of time to zip her dress up so the problem occurred. On the other hand, Arianna helped her change her outfit. She did it with the help also of some backup dancers and smoke machine which kind of made it look like it’s all part of the act. It’s good thing that the set looked so amazing that the whole wardrobe problem was kind of something that the crowd didn’t pay much attention too. After that black dress that lead her into trouble, she changed into a black and white one that sure did make her look like a stunner on stage. She didn’t get any awards that night but she surely won the buzz about the whole wardrobe malfunction. Someone’s probably fired from her style team but she didn’t make any statement about that.

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