Nostalgia Alert: All Of Your Favorite ’90s Movies Are Getting Reboots

Love it or hate it, the Reboot Robot controlling Hollywood from a secret underground lair has shown no signs of weakness.

Just yesterday, reboots of two fan-favorite (if somewhat on the fringe) movies from the 1990s were announced: “Stargate,” the portal-warping science fiction thriller that spawned numerous television follow-ups, and “Cliffhanger,” the Sylvester Stallone mountain-scaling action flick that brought you this little slice of horror:

Between those obscure reboot ideas, not to mention the fact that there’s a “Point Break” redo on the way, it’s starting to seem like all of our favorite ’90s movies are about to get the reboot treatment. What’s next?

“The Rock”

Starring Zac Efron in the Nicolas Cage role and Nicolas Cage in the Sean Connery role.


Because those faces can’t stay on forever.

“Broken Arrow”

Ain’t it cool?

“True Romance”

This is what Quentin Tarantino is doing instead of “The Hateful Eight.”

“The Professional”

Evvvvveeeeeerrrrrrryyyyyyyy reboot.

“The Fifth Element”

Re-boot multi-pass.

“The Sixth Sense”

Except this time, they were all dead the whole time.

“Forrest Gump”

Stupid reboot is as stupid reboot does.

“A League of their Own”

Okay, this sounds eerily plausible. Hollywood, stay the heck away from the Rockford Peaches.

“The Sandlot”

Now I’m just depressed.

Following “Cliffhanger” and “Stargate,” which ’90s movies do you expect to see rebooted next?

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