bronx fire

NYC’s Bronx Fire Occurred From Child’s Play: Authorities

Authorities have come up with the cause of Thursday night’s Bronx apartment building fire that killed eight adults and four children. Two children on the first-floor apartment is learned to have a history of playing with burners and playing with a stove on the day led to one of the worst fires in New York.

It is being said the mother of two fled with the children leaving the door open from where the fire roared out after flames started spreading through the kitchen.

New York fire commissioner Daniel Nigro said the fire had gotten a good hold of the kitchen before the mother could realize it.

A stairwell of the 100-year-old building acted like a chimney and most of the victims bodies’ were found from it that carried flames through the structure within minutes and it had also blocked the main escape route.

Nigro said most of the deaths occurred in about three minutes between calls received by the emergency services and arrival of the fire trucks.

He added people had little time to react and to escape. When the fire trucks arrived about twenty people were seen climbing down icy metal fire escapes.

About 170 firefighters were deployed at the scene after getting the information. Currently the weather is having freezing temperations of 15F in New York.

Addressing to the media the New York mayor Bill De Blasio said the firefighters saved about a dozen lives and four of them are in serious condition.