One Direction Releases a Line of Reading Glasses

One Direction‘s brand is marketed in all sorts of ways. From fragrances to clothes to bedsheets, 1D and their faces are everywhere.

The boys and their marketing team have found a utilitarian way to promote the brand, as well. They’ve teamed with British eyewear company Vision Express for 1D-branded reading glasses expressly for females.

So put away those contact lenses and be proud to have four eyes with these super snazzy glasses/frames. They are outta sight. (Sorry, we had to.)

They come in an assortment of colors, such as pink and tortoiseshell. The band’s name and/or signatures are featured on the arm. It’s a quiet way to express the fact that you are a Directioner.

They’re all here. Stylish, right?

The bad news is that the glasses are only available in the band’s native U.K. right now. So British Directioners can sport snazzy 1D specs. We have to wait. Or import them. Or travel to nab to our own.

1D hunk Niall Horan is often seen rocking nerdy black specs, as evidenced in the image below. He looks good in glasses. But then again, he’d look good in a paper bag.

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