Moneyto Ltd Offers Online Money Transfers in Georgian Lari

Moneyto Ltd Offers Online Money Transfers in Georgian Lari

Moneyto offers its European and UK customers online money transfers to Georgia in lari.

Transfers to Georgia can be sent from any VISA/Mastercard card via website. Online transfers paid out in local currency are subject to 0.49% commission, with a minimum of €/£1.

In Georgia, cash can be picked up in every branch of TBC bank, Bonaco, Alpha Express or Cartu Bank. Over 150 pick-up locations are available throughout Tbilisi, Karadjala, Tskhaltubo, Gori, Batumi, Rustavi, Kutaisi, Marneuli, Poti, Bagdati, Ninotsminda, Akhaltsikhe, Sagaredzho, Kaspi, Kabali, Tsalka, Akhalkalaki, Kutaisi, Borjomi and other cities, with additional locations to be added in future.

International money transfers are an important source of income in Georgia. National Bank of Georgia estimates net inflow of international money transfers in March 2018 at $131.1 million (320.1 million lari), an increase of 17% ($19.1 million) year-on-year. In Europe, most money transfers to Georgia are sent from Italy ($15.5 million), Greece ($13.7 million), Germany ($3.5 million), Spain ($3.3 million), France ($1.5 million) and the UK ($1.3 million).

Moneyto Ltd Offers Online Money Transfers in Georgian Lari

“We at Moneyto understand how important money transfers are for the economy and development of Georgia, and for everyday lives of our customers who send money to their friends and families, and we work hard to offer relevant and flexible solutions,” says Galina Selitska, CEO Moneyto Ltd. Sending money to Georgia in lari is an excellent way to avoid double currency conversion. Our transfers use preferred currency conversion rate set at the time of sending, and we hope our customers will welcome the new opportunity to send money home in lari.”

Moneyto Ltd has been offering international money transfers since 2004. Starting from 2014, it also offers its customers an opportunity to send instant online transfers from any VISA or MasterCard payment card.

Moneyto strives to help its customers feel closer to their homes. Everyone on its friendly team shares company vision, and a big part of what they do is ensuring efficient customer relations. In addition to offering convenient and efficient money transfers, Moneyto helps its customers in other areas, like offering financial and legal advice that is ever so important for migrant workers.

In 2017, Moneyto launched the Moneyto in Your Homeland project for its customers. In this large-scale initiative, Moneyto sends a traveling video blogger on a journey to its customers’ cities and countries, including Georgia, where she shoots stunning video stories. Moneyto invites every customer to visit its Facebook page or YouTube channel and post a comment suggesting the next destination for the video blogger. This way, those who have been away for a while get another chance to take a glance at their beautiful homeland.

Moneyto Ltd offers high-quality products at a reasonable price that ensures excellent service and gives its customers peace of mind. Its focus on dependability and quality of service is well supported by cutting-edge IT infrastructure that includes in-house components developed by Moneyto product and technology teams.
Moneyto Ltd is authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an authorised payment institution (reg. no: 537811. Moneyto Ltd is registered with HM Revenue & Customs as a money service business (reg. no: 12183038).