Paisley and Floral Prints

Paisley and Floral Prints Bring Out the Best in Garments

For men who are seeking an additional print or style to add to their fashion catalogues – paisley comes very highly recommended. Paisley is traditionally described as a teardrop or droplet shaped design that is Persian in origin, an elongated and oval shape that is asymmetrical and countoured. Paisley is a stunning patterning style that can blend many different colours and stitchwork into the mix – handmade paisley ties being the centerpiece of many high class wardrobes.

Colours, Styles in Neckwear

Paisley has seen a huge return to popularity with men both young and more mature – although traditionally it was a print that was typically attributed to older gentlemen. Modern paisley prints incorporate a bevy of more assertive colours, bringing a very psychedelic or avant garde edge to designer fashions.

The most popular base colours for paisley neckwear are black, gold, maroon, silver, blue, aque, and green – although oranges and browns are certainly also major contenders. Paisley is also very unique in that it often allows for primary and secondary colours within the patterning itself – with a droplet being stitched into the necktie in gold and little eyelets being cast in verdant green for example; when combined this can be a compelling piece!

By paying attention to attractive paisley prints, a gentleman can add a great deal of colour variety into his closet – paisley ties are not only distinguished and smart, they are also well suited for formal events and bespeak a distinguished design.

Paisley in Shirts or Garment Linings

Paisley is also commonly found in suit linings, on the inside of wool garments as a stylistic accent to the finished piece. Suede blazers commonly have more ostentatious linings such as this though some more traditional suits will also be emblazoned with paisley patterning.

In the realm of dress and sport shirts paisley can be a wonderful tonal accent – meaning a shade off from the base colour of the shirt that leaves a faint but distinctively edged “watermark” on the fabric. A tonal stripe or pattern lends a casual degree to the garment, allowing it to be worn formally on business or more casually with denim or casual pants.