revenge rape

Pakistan’s Tribal Council (Panchayat) Orders Revenge Rape

Revenge rape is one of the worst crimes and this officially, to some extent, exists in Pakistan. Earlier this month a teenage boy raped a 12-year-old girl in the Multan city (also known as Muzaffarabad).

Parents of the victim reached tribal council, locally known as Panchayat, appealing the 17-year-old boy to marry the daughter. The request was refused by the other party seeking for alternative resolution.

To everyone’s surprise, the tribal council ordered a revenge rape. The body asked the first party to rape 16-year-old sister of the boy.

Panchayats are powerful in some of the rural areas of Pakistan and it exists alongside the country’s justice system. To many villagers the body is seen as the law as trust over courts has been low among them believing the courts are slow as well as expensive.

In the Panchayats the cases are sorted immediately and verdict is given thereafter. It is a speedy justice system for the villagers.

In the latest incidence the life of one girl has been ruined and the life of another too in order to avenge the disgrace.

In many areas of South Asia and Middle East it is believed raped girls and women bring dishonor to the family.

The brother of 12-year-old sexually violated the rapist’s teenage sister two days later abiding the order and verdict of the tribal council.

The tribal council that sorted the case is led by influential landlords.

Days later, after the incidence, the family of 16-year-old lodged complaint with the police. The mother of first victim too approached the police.