Papa John’s Adds an Entire Layer of Bacon to Their Double Pepperoni Pizza

Double Pepperoni Papa Johns

If you’re ordering a double pepperoni pizza, chances are you’re not one to shy from meat. Looks like Papa John’s knows exactly what’s up and upgraded their Double Pepperoni Pizza to what’s now called the Double Pepperoni Bacon Pizza. Yep, there’s now a layer of bacon.

The new pie has all the bells and whistles of a standard pepperoni pizza (crust, sauce, cheese and pepperoni). Additionally, a layer of hickory smoked bacon is added and topped off with another layer of large deli-style pepperoni. If you think your heart can handle all that meaty goodness, the Double Pepperoni Bacon Pizza is available at $12 for a large at participating Papa John’s locations for a limited time.

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