Paul Rudd is Marvel’s New Ant-man

Marvel just released a poster for their upcoming film Ant-man to be expected for viewing on July 2015.  It’s going to be played by Paul Rudd along with veteran actor Michael Douglas. This movie has been through a lot of works and rewriting. Edgar Wright was supposed to be the one directing the film but was reportedly to drop out of it due to creative differences. After that, no director seems to want to work on it! Like they will be offered to do it but then would turn it down eventually. And most of their reasons involve the script. And now 2 weeks has passed since the last script was rewritten (countless times now).

The movie has less than a year to shoot before the people could watch it and there seems no fixed script just yet! But hey, Marvel is positive that the movie will happen no matter what so they bravely released a poster of it today! Well kudos to that courage and faith. It’s not enough that they made a teaser poster but they really even posted a date on it. Wow!

Well this is one celeb latest gossip for you all and stick around for more because you wouldn’t want to miss on what’s trending out there in the world of entertainment. And seriously, congratulations to Paul Rudd for winning the part. We are sensing that it’s going to be a little funny. Or probably really funny. It’s Paul Rudd!

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