Peaceful March Turns Violent In Central London, Several Injured

A peaceful march was turned into chaos on the streets of London last night when thousands of protesters wearing sinister Guy Fawkes masks marched in central London.

Video footage reveals the activist mashing up flaming police vehicle, launching bottles, cones and fireworks on the officers, trying to target Buckingham Palace and aiming fireworks at the horses too.

Some of the protestors also ended up outside Leicester Square during the UK premiere of Hunger Games. Just moments before they reached, actors Jennifer Lawrence and Julianne Moore had walked the red carpet.

A huge group of activists gathered at Great George Street, which was closed off. It is at a short distance from the Conservative Party headquarters.

Until now about 44 people have been arrested and three police officers have been injured and taken to hospital. Some of the protesters were also seen being treated at the scene with first aid for bloody injuries.

According to the police, the protesters abandoned timetable as well as the agreed-route for the demonstration. As an aftermath, the riot police in thousands were deployed after the protest at Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square was seen dispersing across central London.

The protest was organized by Anonymous hackers’ collective and it was a part of a worldwide day of action. It is said the demonstration was arranged on Facebook and there was no official leader to it. Everything was poorly organized and people were left puzzled by several mixes of banners ranging from Palestine to anti-austerity message to political cover-up of child abuse.