Pedro Pascal admits discomfort with Mando Daddy voice in public

Pedro Pascal admits discomfort with Mando Ddaddy voice in public

Pedro Pascal has become a household name thanks to his iconic roles on The Mandalorian and Narcos, among others. His portrayal of the stoic bounty hunter Din Djarin, aka The Mandalorian, has won over audiences with his complex character and intriguing backstory.

But despite his success as the face of the Star Wars franchise, Pascal has revealed that he feels uncomfortable using his Mando daddy voice in public. The breathy, low-register tone is perfect for delivering lines like “I can bring you in hot or I can bring you in cold”, but it may not be appropriate for children.

Speaking on The Graham Norton Show, Pascal shared that people often approach him and ask him to do the voice for their kids. “But I think it sounds inappropriate because it is a breathy, low-register ‘bedroom’ voice,” he said. “It is so creepy and doesn’t work in real life.”

Despite his discomfort, Pascal has embraced his role as one of television’s most prominent father figures. His portrayal of Din Djarin has garnered critical acclaim and a massive fan following. His onscreen relationship with “The Child,” aka Grogu, has become one of the most heartwarming aspects of the show, with fans eagerly anticipating their next adventure together.

But The Mandalorian is not the only project Pascal has on the horizon. The actor is set to star in HBO’s highly anticipated adaptation of The Last of Us, based on the popular video game franchise. He will play Joel, a survivor of a pandemic that has ravaged the world and left humanity on the brink of extinction.

Pascal’s performance in The Last of Us is expected to be just as captivating as his portrayal of Din Djarin. The actor has proven time and again that he has the range to tackle complex characters and deliver powerful performances. Fans are eagerly anticipating his next role and the chance to see him in action once again.

So while Pascal may feel uncomfortable using his Mando daddy voice in public, fans can still look forward to his return as Din Djarin in The Mandalorian season 3, and his upcoming role in The Last of Us. He may not be able to deliver those iconic lines in real life, but his performances onscreen continue to captivate audiences around the world.