Pet Safety And Flowers In Your Home A Guide

Pet Safety And Flowers In Your Home: A Guide

Everyone who has a pet dog or cat loves their curiosity. When a new package arrives in your home, most pet owners find their pet sniffing the object charming, and in the case of cats, they may even rub themselves up against it to leave their scent. 

However, there has been a devastating trend among those who have pet dogs and cats needing to make emergency trips to the vet after their curious companion has rubbed up against or eaten something dangerous for them. In many instances, it is a bouquet of flowers. 

So, what are some of the most hazardous flowers to have in your home if you have a dog or a cat? Here is a short guide with suitable substitutes for these beautiful flowers.

Lily of the Valley

When you are looking to order flowers for you your sister or your mother, you may want to send Lily of The Valley. After all, it is a beautiful flower! But if your relatives or friends have a cat or a dog in their home, this is a big no-no! 

Your alternative: Orchids

Instead of sending Lily of The Valley, you can send orchids. This enables you to still make a statement when you send flowers online to your loved one – it is striking either by itself or in a bouquet. These are safe for pets and look beautiful in any colour, too, and so will be well received by your pet-owner loved ones. 


Azaleas, with their 5-pointed pink and orange flowers, are beautiful but they can cause a real issue when it comes to pets. Why? Because they are members of the rhododendron family and contain grayanotoxanes. 

Your alternative: Madagascar jasmine

If you want to include a flower in a bouquet that is a potent shade of white that cats and dogs can be around, then why not choose Madagascar jasmine? This plant smells and looks beautiful and can be paired with almost anything.


It is a sad fact that many people bring these beautiful, bright flowers into their homes without realising the danger that they can cause. Daffodils can cause a range of issues for cats and dogs. 

Your alternative: Sunflowers 

If you want to send a bright yellow flower as a gift, what option is there? A sunflower! A bouquet of sunflowers are totally safe for dogs and cats alike and can brighten up a room much like daffodils can.


This is another big no for those who have cats! Lilies of any kind can cause kidney issues in your kitty friend. You don’t want your loved one to experience the stress of their cat going back and forth to the vets because of this. 

Your alternative: Freesias 

As mentioned before, orchids are a good substitute for lilies, but so are freesias. Visually, these delicate and fragrant purple flowers look like lilies and can add a gentle purple hue to any bouquet they are placed in.

Plants to Consider Getting Pet Owners 

As you can see, there are a number of flowers that should be avoided for pet owners, but there are also a number that can be bought instead and that look just as beautiful. Flowers can be enjoyed by all, whether they have pets or not. A few additional ones to consider getting your pet lover include a cactus, lisianthus, waxflowers, and snapdragons.