Photoshop Expert Says Kim Kardashian Altered Workout Selfies


Kim Kardashian is accused for altering her butt, waist and breasts in several sexy selfies she shared last week.

Photoshop expert Peejie T says it’s certain, telling Entertainment Magazine that Kim and friend Blac Chyna‘s workout shots have been “manipulated” to enhance the star’s shapely figure.

Drawing the background of Kim’s “booty pic” as example, Peejie T explains that the slight curve of the door frame could be proof that the 32-year-old’s been Photoshopping her snaps.

He said: “In the pic, the door should look like a straight-edged door but you can see a gap at the same level as Kim’s chest. This would be caused by using a tool to expand her breasts.”

He added: “There also seems to be a subtle distortion of the floor which follows the same contortion as Kim’s waist and hips.”