Plane Struck By Lightning At Heathrow Airport

A huge lightning struck a plane flying in to land at London’s Heathrow airport. It was a terrifying moment, said passengers.

Three planes are affected – Icelandair from Raykjavik to London, plane to City Airport from Edinburgh, and flight from Prague to Heathrow.

The Icelandair was approaching the airport at around 8:30 p.m. when the lightning struck it. The plane managed escaping unscathed.

London Evening Standard cited a passenger of Icelandair, Catherine Mayer, saying it was obvious they were flying into a storm and so was able to take a snap of the moment.

Mayer added the lightning was loud and sudden. It was very bright and all the passengers were too shocked.

Several passengers spoke about the lightning on social sites.

Alexander tweeted, “Hello London! Welcomed back by a lightning strike to the plane just as we were coming into land at Heathrow. #NoFear.”

Another passenger added on the social platform the plane was struck by lightning on the descent into Heathrow.

British Airways spokesperson said Flight BA857 landed safely and will not be resumed for service before inspection as safety of crew and customers are their top priority.

The spokesman added further aircraft are designed to cope with such lightning strikes.

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