Pregnancy Brings Tons Of Questions. Here Are Some Important Answers

There are very few events in a woman’s life which merit so many questions as does having a baby. Here are some of the most common questions that pregnant women ask:

What exercises are proven safe for pregnant women?

Pregnant women are now encouraged to stay fit even during their pregnancy. The acceptable exercises are swimming, brisk walks, golf, yoga, bowling, tai chi, and bowling. Just avoid contact sports that could cause injuries (ball games, skiing, scuba diving and the like). Always consult your OB-Gynecologist before engaging in any type of exercise, though.

What is the ideal weight for a pregnant woman?

Your physician should be able to tell you the recommended weight gain during your pregnancy. Being underweight or overweight during the first phase of your pregnancy would most likely affect your weight throughout your pregnancy so better establish your diet and your exercise regimen early on.

What are the symptoms that should be a cause for alarm?

In case you feel any of the following symptoms, it’s time to go to your doctor: vaginal bleeding; lasting abdominal pain; extreme nausea and vomiting; persistent back pains; blurred vision; fever over 100F; regular contractions; too much fetal movement or no movement at all; and water coming out from the vagina.

Is it safe to have sexual intercourse during pregnancy or should you just wait until after birth?

It is definitely safe to have sex even when a woman is pregnant. This is true if the pregnancy has no existing complications such as bleeding or ruptured membranes.

What food shouldn’t a pregnant woman eat?

A pregnant woman should not eat unpasteurized cheeses; raw eggs; tuna, mackerel, and shark which have high mercury content; food and beverages with alcohol.