Pregnant Women Suggested Not To Visit Zika Active Zones By WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) seems to be more concerned about Zika virus than what it was for Ebola about a year ago. Lately it has cautioned pregnant women from traveling to active Zika zones citing the link with birth defects.

Similarly, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) too had earlier warned Americans, particularly the pregnant women, to postpone traveling to Brazil and other Zika active zones.

WHO said Friday they are more concern as the virus may cause more than microcephaly, which is a condition caused by brain damage to the fetus.

In a released statement the organization said it is issuing further precautionary travel advice to women from across the world who are pregnant not to travel to Zika active zones.

The statement read, “Women who are pregnant should discuss their travel plans with their health care provider and consider delaying travel to any area where locally acquired Zika infection is occurring.”

Meanwhile, the international organization has also declared emergency and is helping with coordinated efforts in the development of Zika vaccine and better tests for the disease.

It is found the Zika virus is causing dangerous paralyzing condition called Guillan Barre syndrome, though it is rare.

As of now there is no vaccine to prevent Zika virus infection as until now it is considered harmless. However, as it is closely related to yellow fever and dengue, developing a vaccine would be quicker and easier.

Vaccine for dengue is in final testing stage where as the world already has for yellow fever for decades.