Prince William Hands Out Leeks to Welsh Guards at St. David's Day Parade

Prince William hands out leeks to Welsh Guards at St. David’s Day Parade

The Prince and Princess of Wales recently attended the St. David’s Day parade at the Combermere Barracks in Windsor, marking their first visit to the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards since William became Colonel.

During the event, Kate paid tribute to the Welsh nation by wearing a red coat and a leek brooch, which is a symbol of Welsh culture. The princess often wears red during her visits to Wales, and also had a real leek pinned to her lapel in addition to the diamond brooch version.

During the St. David’s Day parade, Prince William handed out leeks to the Officer and Guardsman, which were then issued along the ranks, while Kate received a leek as a gift from the regiment. The leek is an important symbol of Welsh culture, and it is a traditional part of the celebrations.

Some royal fans have suggested that the diamond leek brooch worn by Kate might be the same one that belonged to the late Queen Elizabeth, but other members of the Royal Family have previously worn replicas of the pin. The original leek brooch was presented to the late monarch in 1960 by the Welsh Guards and was a gift paid for by each of the guards themselves. It was created from drawings made by the Welsh Guardsmen.

The diamond leek brooch, which is believed to have belonged to the late Queen Elizabeth, has been worn by the queen on several occasions since she received it over 60 years ago. It was last seen on her lapel during the pared-back 2020 Trooping of the Colour ceremony, which took place during the Covid-19 pandemic. Princess Diana also wore a replica of the brooch for the St. David’s Day parade in 1990 when she was Princess of Wales.

During the parade, Kate wore a red double-breasted coat and a black hat, scarf, gloves, and high-heeled boots, while Prince William wore the traditional uniform of the Welsh Guards.