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Prisoners to enjoy in-cell phones across England, Wales prisons

It is time for inmates to rejoice as twenty prisons in England and Wales are to get the facility of in-cell phones. It will help to reduce violence and reoffending.

The government had earlier announced its plans of installing such in-cell phones in prisons to tackle flow of illegal mobile phones. By 2020 a total of fifty prisons will have the facility to allow thousands of prisoners to make phone calls to their families.

The Ministry of Justice hopes such expansion could reduce reoffending significantly and it will cost to the government around 15 billion pound a year.

The ministry added violence is usually triggered n the prisons when inmates queue up to use public phones on the landings and later demand to posses illicit mobile phones.

It is believed the in-cell phone program of the government could help in improving rehabilitation as the prisoners will be allowed to make calls in private with family members and thereafter maintain ties.

Justice Secretary David Gauke said, “At this time of year more than any other we’re reminded of the importance of family, and there can be few groups that this applies to more than prisoners.”

He added that in-cell phones would help inmates to maintain family relationships and this is something fundamental to their rehabilitation.

Gauke further mentions that with the facility of in-cell phones in more and more prisons the inmates will maintain decency and this will work as a real chance to transform their lives.