Proven Tips How To Buy Shoes Online

Online shoe shopping is convenient, but it has its drawbacks. Most obviously, shoes cannot be tried on before purchasing, but women may also run into problems with colour and style. As is the case with online clothes shopping, customers may feel dissatisfied when the product looks different in person than it did on the screen. The following tips will help women buy good shoes online.

How to Buy the Right Shoe Size Online

Customers should measure their feet before ordering shoes. Some stores, such as Payless, provide measurement charts that will give customers the length and width of their shoes for each size. If the store does not provide these measurements, customers can email or phone the company to request them.

How to Find the Right Shoe Colour Online

Customers should be aware that their computer screen can distort the colour of an item. Dark colours can appear black, and a shade that looks perfect onscreen may be different in person. Occasionally, stores only list the different colours in which at item is available without showing photographs. Shoes4Stars has a good colour chart for leather shoes that customers can consult if uncertain.

Before buying shoes online, shoppers should check the colour settings on their monitor. If the contrast is set too low, colours may appear lighter or more washed out than they are in reality. Those using newer versions of Windows can “calibrate” the colour of their monitor by clicking “Control Panel – Appearance and Personalization – Display – Calibrate color.” Older monitors can also be “degaussed” to clear up the picture.

When possible, obtain a copy of the store’s print catalogue to gain a more accurate idea of an item’s colour. Consumers can also read the reviews that accompany the item. When in doubt, it’s best to stick with neutral colours like black, brown, and grey, as it is less likely that they will clash with an outfit.