Proven tips how to play League of Legends as pro

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If you are good at playing with your League of Legends account, you may be well aware about the map part. A good player always knows where are the enemy champions by frequently taking a look at the mini map. A count in the head continues about the enemy champions like if there is one champion in the lanes of Summoner’s Rift, it is understood there are two champions MIA (Missing in Action), which means one jungler and one another.

If you can understand this, you can know your gameplay. You can know how cautious or aggressive you need to play the game. You need to be cautious if all five are MIA. In case all five are seen on the map, you need to play aggressive.

It is true wards are crucial in the game and those go hand-in-hand abreast of knowing the map. Suppose Gold costs 75g for a green ward, four of those will cost 300g. Similarly, 300g of Gold is given for a champion kill.

Now try to understand. If you purchase 4 wards and let us consider one of those saves you from a gank, it means  more than worth it as death means taking into all the costs involved and so it’s a huge cost, more than 300g. This is the reason buying wards make sense here.

Take a look at the Season One Champions and you will find many have bought wards. You should follow the same trend. Buy wards almost every single time you shop. No excuses here, definitely. Wards help in winning the games.

How to play league of legends as pro

Don’t forget this thumb rule that you have to learn from every mistake and from every game. This is the sign of great player. Ask yourselves some questions at the end of every game like what mistakes you made in the game or what could have been done to play better game.

Every player must ask the first question at the end of every game. Ask a follow up question like did the enemy team get Baron as no purchase of ward was seen in you team. Analyze the mistakes carefully so that those are not repeated again. This way you can become a great player who knows only to win.

The second question is important. Ask yourself what could have been done to play better game. Analyzing this you can become a great League of Legends player. Try to figure out whether your missed out some last hits. If yes, know what this happened. You will get better figuring it out.

Ask yourself whether you ganked early and why if it is so. Understand that next time it is better to buy wards rather than to get ganked.

Also, don’t forget to figure out whether you targeted the wrong enemy champion and why this happened with you.

If you want to become a 2000+ rated player, it is important to get better and better while playing each time. It will happen only if you analyze your gameplay and also that of other players. Learn from mistakes and successes.

More to all these, there’s one more tip to become a great League of Legends player. Add to your friends list such players who kick ass in a game. Chat with them and know some about their masteries. Take relevant tips from the players. It is a simple rule that great players always hang out with other great players to learn from each other.

These are just few tips to help you become a great League of Legends player. There are more tips. You too can share some with your fellow readers in the below given comment box.